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UGC content, the basis of communication in the beauty industry?

Online presence has become an essential lever for mid-range watch brands wishing to stand out in the watch industry. Today, with the many platforms available, it is crucial to know how to use social media to attract and retain the attention of your potential customers. In this article, we will look at the latest trends to understand to stand out in the mid-range watch sector.

What is UGC?

THE UGC content, or user-generated content, refers to any type of content – texts, reviews, photos, videos – created by consumers and shared on social networks or other online platforms. In the beauty industry, this content often takes the form of tutorials, product reviews, before/after photos, and live demonstrations. UGC is particularly valuable because it provides authentic insight into how beauty products are used in consumers' daily lives.

Why is UGC so important?
  • Authenticity : Consumers trust the reviews and experiences of their peers more than traditional marketing messages.
  • Commitment : UGC encourages users to interact with the brand by sharing their own experiences.
  • Cost-effectiveness : Creating quality content can be expensive. UGC allows brands to benefit from free content generated by their customers.

Why does the beauty industry need UGC content?

Authenticity is essential to selling products. Consumers are looking for tangible proof of the effectiveness of the products they are considering purchasing, and user-generated content (UGC) fits this need perfectly by offering real-life testimonials and authentic results.

Nothing speaks to consumers more than before/after photos. Seeing how a person's skin changes after using a specific product creates an emotional connection and builds product credibility. Consumers are more likely to trust these visual transformations because they clearly illustrate potential outcomes. For example, one study showed that posts with before/after images increase the conversion rate of 30% compared to traditional publications.

Beauty salons, often faced with difficulties in developing their communication, can take advantage of UGC content to stand out. The format is simple to set up: simply encourage customers to share their experiences and results via photos and videos. UGC is both cost-effective and accessible, allowing even small businesses to adopt it without requiring significant resources.

Additionally, this format can be used at scale, with brands sharing hundreds or even thousands of testimonials, each providing new proof of the effectiveness of their products. This accumulation of content builds consumer trust and maintains a constant flow of new, fresh and relevant content.

Strategies for effectively integrating UGC content

One of the strengths of user-generated content (UGC) is its flexibility and ability to be shared across a multitude of communication channels. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok And Instagram offer exceptional opportunities to widely disseminate this content. By posting customer testimonial videos, product demos, and before/after transformations on these platforms, brands significantly increase their visibility and reach a wider, more diverse audience.

UGC videos are a great way to highlight a product by showing its effects in real time. For example, a YouTube video where a user demonstrates the application of an anti-aging serum and shows the results over a period of weeks can be extremely compelling. On TikTok, short, dynamic videos demonstrating the effectiveness of a hair mask for damaged hair can go viral, attracting thousands of views and potential new customers. Instagram Reels, on the other hand, are perfect for sharing quick tutorials and before/after transformations, capturing users' attention in an engaging way.

UGC videos are particularly effective in addressing specific problems and highlighting appropriate solutions. For example, a skincare brand might encourage its users to share videos showing how their products helped reduce acne or improve skin texture. These specific testimonials allow consumers to recognize themselves in the problems addressed and to have confidence in the effectiveness of the products presented.

Despite their effectiveness, the potential of UGC videos is often underestimated and insufficiently exploited in certain beauty sectors. Brands have every interest in integrating this content more into their communication strategies to benefit from their authenticity and their power of persuasion. By highlighting these authentic testimonials and disseminating them widely on social media, brands can not only build consumer trust but also boost sales and build customer loyalty.