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How to create a viral ad?

To create viral advertisements in the luxury and beauty sector, it is essential to understand the environment in which we operate. Knowing our customers and the psychological factors that influence their purchasing decisions is essential. This article explains how to make your ads go viral using the five levels of brand awareness. By tailoring your approach to each level of customer awareness, you can maximize the impact of your campaigns and captivate your audience effectively.

Understand and adapt your advertising strategy for different categories of customers

Unconscious people

Unaware people are completely unaware of the problem your product can solve. For example, they use basic skincare products without worrying about quality ingredients or the benefits of advanced skincare. They don't realize that their skin could greatly benefit from more sophisticated care. To capture the attention of these customers, it is essential to tap into their emotions and show them that they deserve premium care. By highlighting the long-term negative effects of an inadequate routine, you can inspire a desire for change.

Those aware of the problem

These customers are aware that they have a problem but don't know why or how to solve it. For example, they see signs of premature aging or have dull skin without understanding the reasons. The key to captivating this group is to educate them on the nature of their problem and present your product as the ideal solution. Provide clear, relevant information to convince them that your product can meet their specific needs.

Those aware of the solution

Solution-aware customers know their problem and know a solution exists, but are unfamiliar with the specific products that can help them. For example, they know they need quality anti-aging care or understand the benefits of natural ingredients, but don't know which products contain them. For these customers, it is crucial to introduce your product as the best solution available. Explain why your product is superior to others and highlight its unique benefits.

Product conscious

These customers know the specific products that can solve their problem. They know, for example, that there are serums based on hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate or creams with vitamin C to lighten the skin. To attract these customers, you need to demonstrate why your product is the best option on the market. Highlight the distinctive features and competitive advantages of your product to differentiate it from others.

The brand conscious

Brand-conscious customers are familiar with your product and know the specific features that make it special. For example, they know that your hyaluronic acid serum is renowned for its quality or that your vitamin C cream offers impressive results. For these customers, it is important to reinforce the idea that your product is something they deserve and that highlights their uniqueness. This will encourage them to choose your product not only for its benefits but also for the brand image and prestige it represents.

It is relatively easy to market to people who are aware of the product and the brand. Those who already know the brand often consume for the prestige, and for those who are aware of the product, it is enough to highlight the specifics. For example, if someone is looking for products for their skincare routine, explain why your product is the best solution.

However, to maximize the impact of your viral ads, it's crucial to focus on the other three categories: the solution-aware, the problem-aware, and the unaware. Targeting these profiles usually brings the best results because it speaks to a wider audience and solves a wider range of problems. By tailoring your strategy to each level of awareness, you can not only expand your reach but also more effectively convert prospects into loyal customers.